Profile: Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler

  I'm Elisabeth, a detail-oriented German translator, experienced in working with complex technical concepts.

  Mine is a crisp and concise style, whether for technical translations or when I write creatively as "The Minimalist Translator" on my blog.

Elisabeth Hippe-Heisler Translation Services

  I offer expertly crafted translations and translation revision¹ services in the following language combinations and fields:

English > GERMAN    and    Italian > GERMAN

Patent claims and descriptions
  • Web and network technologies
  • Computers and electronics
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
Legal texts
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Terms and conditions
General texts
  • Marketing communications
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters and blog articles

  My working languages:

  •   A language: German I am a native German speaker and can translate in a style that perfectly matches the style and intent of your source text.
  •   B language: English I have an exceptional command of English, enabling me to understand and communicate even subtle and varied nuances of a text.
  •   C language: Italian I am also proficient in Italian and thoroughly enjoy working with this rich and beautiful language.

  Please note: As a translator, I provide clients with written translations of English or Italian source texts. If you need the services of a reliable interpreter, please contact the ITI here.

  My range of language services includes more than just pure translation. I also:

  • revise¹ German translations supplied by other German translators
  • revise¹ German translations produced by non-native speakers
  • evaluate German translations for quality and accurate usage
  • edit German texts, ensuring your important documents best reflect your business and brand

  ¹Revision: examining a translation for its suitability for the agreed purpose, comparing the source and target texts and recommending corrective measures

  I am truly passionate about language and authentic communication. Every text has its own voice, its own weight, its own feel. To communicate these factors, which go much further than mere words, I leverage the full spectrum of my carefully developed and very effective writing skills for my clients: so that their texts and documents are just as powerful, accurate and convincing in German as they are in their source languages. To be able to do this, I continuously work on honing and perfecting my own native German skills.